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I don't really have a problem with the business model the Glazer's are employing.  I actually like it and applaud them for it.  They're hiring "football people" to make the "football decisions".  They're the anti-Al Davis, Jerry Jones, and Dan Snyder that many people piss and moan about.  Their only flaw was hiring the wrong people.  If they do manage to put the right people in place, they have a chance to win a lot of games for a long time.Look at Jeffery Lurie in Philadelphia.  He inherited Harry Gamble as GM and Rich Kotite as coach for the 1994 season.  Following the '94 season he fire Kotite and hired Ray Rhodes.  Then fired Gamble after the '95 season and gave Rhodes full control starting with '96.  After 1997, he hired Tom Modrak as the GM.  After the 1998 season, he fired Rhodes and hired Andy Reid.  Under Andy Reid, the Eagles had a 12 season stretch in which 11 were .500 or better.  They made the playoffs 10 times, the Super Bowl once and the NFC Championship 5 times.All it is, is a matter of hiring the right people.  If you have to fire the wrong people in order to get to the right people along the way, then so be it.


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