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He's here for at least 2 more seasons...

Maybe as the water boy.  But he's gone as head coach after this season when he finished 1-15.

Not even in your wettest of wet dreams. That would doom the Buc's far worse. Seriously who would want the HC job knowing you have to succeed year 1 or you get sh|t canned like Lovie? You think the Buc's are a joke now fire Lovie after 1 year and see are much worse it can get.

A coach that thinks he can win.  You can't go backwards after all of the money and moves you made.  It's amazing that some think this is some kind of practice run.  It's real big boy football and we are the worst franchise by a long shot as of today.  There is no explaining this level of ineptitude with a straight face considering all of the moves we have made.  The beginning of the end for Lovie was bringing in that waste of talent McCown.

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