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He's here for at least 2 more seasons...

Maybe as the water boy.  But he's gone as head coach after this season when he finished 1-15.

Not even in your wettest of wet dreams. That would doom the Buc's far worse. Seriously who would want the HC job knowing you have to succeed year 1 or you get sh|t canned like Lovie? You think the Buc's are a joke now fire Lovie after 1 year and see are much worse it can get.

This is always a bad argument.  There are only 32 of these positions in the world.  There will always be someone who wants it no matter the consequences or circumstances.  And I think Cleveland is proving that it is possible to fire the entire front office and coaching staff after 1 season and bring someone in that will be successful.  (Can't believe Cleveland is a model I want the Bucs to follow)

I think your "there will always be someone" comment actually illustrates the point of the prior comment . Firing coaches quickly and often probably makes the most qualified candidates think twice, so yes you can get someone making a step up and hope he is like a Pettine, but you would probably have trouble getting several other candidates, especially after firing an established head coach so quickly.That said though, the worst scenario for the Glazers would be Lovie losing out with the team showing little improvement. There would be some real pressure to let him go no matter the long-term implications

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