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He's here for at least 2 more seasons...

Maybe as the water boy.  But he's gone as head coach after this season when he finished 1-15.

Not even in your wettest of wet dreams. That would doom the Buc's far worse. Seriously who would want the HC job knowing you have to succeed year 1 or you get sh|t canned like Lovie? You think the Buc's are a joke now fire Lovie after 1 year and see are much worse it can get.

This is always a bad argument.  There are only 32 of these positions in the world.  There will always be someone who wants it no matter the consequences or circumstances.  And I think Cleveland is proving that it is possible to fire the entire front office and coaching staff after 1 season and bring someone in that will be successful.  (Can't believe Cleveland is a model I want the Bucs to follow)

It's not a bad argument by your own admission. All your saying is there is always a LOSER willing to take the LOSER position. Cleveland hadn't had failure after failure after failure either. They simply made a bad move and fixed it while we have a pattern/history. At the end of the day Lovie will be back year 2. I'd be willing to put $1,000 cash on that any day. Heck I have around $5,000 cash sitting at home I'd put it all on that fact. You in?

oh man, a bet! . . a bet! . . where's 10lb when you need him.Oh . . wait . . never mind

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