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He's here for at least 2 more seasons...

Maybe as the water boy.  But he's gone as head coach after this season when he finished 1-15.

Not even in your wettest of wet dreams. That would doom the Buc's far worse. Seriously who would want the HC job knowing you have to succeed year 1 or you get sh|t canned like Lovie? You think the Buc's are a joke now fire Lovie after 1 year and see are much worse it can get.

Browns fan here that lives in the Bay Area.  Worked for us despite no one wanting the job apparently.  Pettine has the best record for a first time Browns head coach through 8 games since 1967.  As an outsider, I have to ask why they should keep Lovie and Licht.  They have missed on pretty much all of their free agent acquisitions (I think Jenkins would have worked if he didn't get injured).  Evans was a great pick for them, but the rest of their draft is either bad or up in the air.  I think ASJ can be good long term, but I believe they reached for both him and Sims.Then there are the bad calls on the offensive line.  Why cut Joseph instead of Nicks?  Why cut Penn and then spend a lot of money on Anthony Collins, a guy the Bengals fans were snickering about when you signed him (same with Johnson).If I run the Bucs, do I want Lovie and Licht deciding who we draft?  I saw this year after year for the Browns.  Trust the wrong guys, let them hang around, and let them mess up the draft again and again.  It does start at the top with the Glazers.  They have never shown a penchant for picking an executive.  Rich McKay was put in charge before they got there and they left him in charge.  They were smart enough to go get Gruden to push them over the top and fix their offense, but they could never put a team in place to run the org.I would want to start over.  First, hire a GM and team President then let that guy hire the coach.  Let them evaluate the talent and give them carte blanche to run the team.  They were so desperate for Lovie and a tie back to the Dungy era that they gave him everything they wanted.  And Lovie, like Schiano, did not recognize the talent deficiencies and sold a quick fix over a real rebuild.  This just further set the Bucs back.Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have shown this year that they are poor talent evaluators at best and completely incompetent at worst.  I think Lovie is a good head coach when that's all he is.  He had Jerry Angelo to get him talent in Chicago.  Though he has shown an inability to coach offense or select a good offensive coordinator.  Again, I sit on the outside.  I think the best thing for the Bucs is to reset.  Funny thing is, job security comes with that.  One of the factors last year with the Browns was the idea that any new regime would be given a long chance.  Once you fire a coach after a year, you can't do it again for a long time.  It was understood coming in that Pettine and Farmer would be given three years at worst and probably at least four.

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