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I have been thinking about this quite a bit.  For the past few weeks I have thought and said that we need to stick it out and let Lovie build this team, but more recently I’m not so sure.Let's compare the Lovie situation to Schiano's.  Schiano had a rough season last year.  The MRSA outbreak hurt more than most want to admit.  The QB that was forced on him imploded and forced the team to start a rookie that wasn't ready.  The team ended the year with half the starters on IR.  Despite the 0-8 start the team looked to be improving the second half of the season.  All said and done Schiano was fired after going 4-12.Lovie has had better luck.  No MRSA.  He got to hand pick his QB.  A few guys have been banged up, but overall Lovie's team has done well on the injury front.  Lovie did have his OC go on IR, but it happened early enough in the season that adjustments could have been made.Being completely unbiased I'm not sure what record should allow Lovie to keep his job.  I was one of the ones that really thought he would turn things around, but it looks like I was wrong.  Does he deserve more time?  I don't know.  His history says he does, but the team on the field says otherwise.Unless I am mistaken Schiano signed a 3 year deal.  That means after this season the Glazers are off the hook for him.  Might make a change easier for them to stomach.

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