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Lovie has clearly done himself no favors as his chosen free agents have been mostly crap. His roster management has been awful. The QB is obvious but he has screwed up the RB spot as well for example. The team isn't well coached in any sense. We hear about tons of mental mistakes on defense and plenty of flags. The one thing I am tired of hearing is how he isn't disciplined enough or is to laid back. We fired Morris for being too loose. We fired Rutgers for being too tough. Now Lovie is somewhere between these two and it still isn't good enough?  It is like our roster is an old UHF station that can only work if you keep your hand on the rabbit ears and move it juuuuust the right amount.

So the coach is the guy stuck holding the antenna? Eh, I can agree with that. To an extent anyway.First, lovie is too quiet for sure. He needs to show some fire about him when he loses. Not schiano Gestapo like, but make sure players know you are cheesed in some way.These guys are making millions of dollars. If their coach is lax, why shouldn't they be? ..And we have seen that. Comfortable.Second thing. The players have no fire of their own accord. From schiano, raheem, and now lovie, they have shown over and over again that they have no fire. These are "tow the line" guys, and they're doing just that.And lastly, the glazers have a choice to make. Can lovie and Co, allow him to fire/trade/whatever everyone, or do both.I'm of the belief this is somewhat of a perfect storm. Lazy/comfortable players, playing for an easy going hc. It's not just lovie's fault, and it isn't just the players fault. Like you said. Antenna. Apparently no one wants to get up to adjust it though.

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