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We need to get a QB who will be ‘our guy’.  We’ve never had that…now I don’t know whether it’s Winston or Mariota…but it’s clear we have to try and find the guy.  We could draft the best OL, DT, DE, or WR…and even if that player ends up being a HOF candidate…he won’t carry us to the playoffs consistently.  Look at Calvin Johnson…Joe Thomas…JJ Watt…as great as they are, none of their teams are consistently playoff caliber.  To get to that level, you have to find a QB who can consistently elevate the players around him…who can make an average team better.  Andrew Luck has done that in Indy…that’s not a great team.  Tom Brady has done that during periods when the talent around him was pretty average.  How many really great QBs played for teams that were consistently bad for years?  It simply doesn’t happen…but there have been tons of great players who have toiled for years on crappy teams.  We have to take a chance, and try to find ‘that guy’. 

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