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Gotta fix this breezeway that is the o line first. No qb can succeed behind this especially a rook. I'm not a fan of taking a qb 1st overall, trade back a few spots and get OL

Or...snag the QB, and build the O-line with the other 6 picks?

I just don't get why people feel that it has to be one or the other. The Bucs may very well have their LT in Dotson. So even if we "trade back a few spots", what are we gonna take? An OT to play RT? An OG? A Center? That would be such an epic waste. Most of the quality linemen in the league at those positions came after the 1st round and a good portion of them were selected in the 3rd and 4th rounds. I do agree that we need to start drafting OLmen, but lets do it where everyone else does, in round 2-5. Sure, there are plenty of quality LTs in the NFL that were 1st round picks, but since 2000, 1st round OTs have busted at a higher rate than 1st round QBs. So that certainly isn't a guarantee. We also will have about $40million in cap space to improve the OL.To me, this is simple. Either take a QB, or take the best DLman. Elite defensive linemen are nearly as hard to find as good QBs. Williams is going to be an excellent player in the NFL. There are also several ends that could make an instant impact.

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