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I am a believer in building a good all around team. I am not sold on either QB so I won’t be pissed if we passed on both of them. My idea is to draft BPA regardless of position. If the top 5 pick lands us a future hall of famer it would be more beneficial than drafting a (just ok) QB or a future bust QB. This team has drafted based on need for so long with very little good results. I wouldn’t mind signing a place holder vet or drafting someone later in the draft as our QB. A good team and good coaching can make up for mediocre QB play just look at the Eagles, Bills, Cardinals, and Bengals. Even Flacco, Wilson and Eli Manning are nothing special as QBs and they have won Superbowls. I want to think long term, I’m not primarily interested in filling the stadium next year. A lot of the franchise’s success depends on the scouting of the prospects and coaching, not on the hope of drafting a top 5 QB just because you need one and hoping you strike gold on him becoming a savior.

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