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My point is a good QB will get more chances than a head coach will. You just have to find the good QB who's worth that.

I do agree that this was true back in a day, but because of the new financial structure of the NFL draft, I don't think so any more.I honestly think that if Stafford had been drafted under the current structure, I'm not so sure he's the QB in Detroit right now.  In his first 2 seasons he was 3-10 and hurt a lot.  His completion pct was under 55% and all his other numbers were just as bad.  The 2011 had 6 QB's taken in the first 36 picks that year.  It's not inconceivable that the Lions take one of those 6 to compete with Stafford.  My reasoning why I feel this way is spurred from what has happened in St. Louis with Bradford.  The only reason the Rams never really tried to replace him was because of all that money he got when he signed.

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