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what do all six teams vying for the #1 pick all have in common?  oh that's right, crappy QB play.

And of the 10 teams with 9+ wins right now, only the Colts and Lions acquired their QB with a top 3 pick. And in the Colts case Luck was consensus #1.

This is a regular argument for the fans of a franchise who have repeatedly watched qbs of all picks and FA fail upon arrival.  Is there an argument for more qbs picked in the first round as opposed to the later rounds... oh yea... that's right and has been hashed and rehashed... And there are tons of qbs picked in the first round that don't make it.  And miracles in the 6th round, FAs arriving from Canada, and going back almost forever, from semi-pro teams... Doesn't mean the qbs are more likely to be found in the first round... That is the case isn't it JC?

This franchise has failed as many QBs as QBs have failed them, probably even more. Instead of taking a lesser player and saying "save the franchise" why not take another elite WR and make it easier on a new QB.

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