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This franchise has failed as many QBs as QBs have failed them, probably even more. Instead of taking a lesser player and saying "save the franchise" why not take another elite WR and make it easier on a new QB.

The trouble with that scenario, is we won't have the top pick in the years ahead. You yourself said in this thread, the team will be better in 2015. So, then you are going to try to land a franchise QB with a mid round pick or there abouts?Sure it could work, but I like our chances of landing the franchise guy with the top pick.

And it's not the 80s anymore. With the salary cap and free agency, teams are not as talentless as they used to be. There's only been one QB in the last 10 years that has been legitimately failed by his organization, Alex Smith, who languished for six years before finally putting it together. There's just no reason to wait to pick a franchise QB if you think someone can be the guy. He's not going to get ruined.

Bucs failed three QBs themselves in the last 10 years. The 49ers got so good around with that it was impossible for him to fail. And the Chiefs haven't had a WR catch a TD in over a year. Awesome QB

Which three?

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