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Chris Simms, Luke McCown, Josh Freeman

Please explain how the Bucs failed Freeman. I'll go grab some popcorn.

3 offensive coordinators in 4 yearsDefenses that weren't just bad, but were bad when we had the lead in the 4th qtrLoaded the roster with drug users, and I'm not just talking about weed, I'm talking serious stuff. And then wonder why he developed a problem. When he did develop a problem, instead of giving him support they let Schiano cut him loose for his prodigy Glennon. Now everyone is F'ed.

Vinny Testaverde, Steve Young, Alex Smith, and others have been able to move on from bad situations and show that they are good elsewhere. Why were Simms, McCown, and Freeman unable to? They had other opportunities.

Freeman isn't cleanSimms was destroyed after his injuryDominik did McCown dirty by trading him to the Jaguars and nobody was going to give a 30 year old QB with a handful of starts a legit chance to be the starter. Except Lovie would do it for his brother who isn't half the player he is.

In other words, the cream rises to the top.

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