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Some players do better in new environments while others do worse.  I firmly believe that had Freeman had Raheem around he wouldn't have self destructed.Simms may have prolonged his career in the NFL if he was with an NFL HC that saw the value of the shotgun.  Gru took way too long to come around to the idea.  In 2014, the shotgun dominates the NFL.Luke McCown was always a better caretaker of the ball, but he also wasn't taking enough shots downfield like his brother Josh.  It didn't work out with these three, so time to move on.  Bucs missed a chance to draft a QB in 2014.  They should not repeat, and compound that mistake in 2015 IMVHO.

Freeman couldn't read defenses and never put the work in.  The only reason he lasted in the NFL for 5 years was because Morris and/or Dominik were here during that time.  Had Freeman been drafted by someone else, he wouldn't have made it past year 3 in the NFL.Your logic on Simms is faulty.  The only reason the shot gun is a dominant now is because of all the rule changes that didn't really hit until 2008..  Assuming things really clicked for him at that turn, he wouldn't have been any good for 7 years!!!McCown wasn't anything special.  It's not like the 2 years here ruined his career.  He couldn't last 2 seasons in Cleveland.  He couldn't win the starting job in Jacksonville!

In the middle of 2012 Freeman was getting MVP talk, but according to you he was only in the league because Dominik drafted him?Simms was a vertical, shotgun passer playing in an under-center dink and dunk offense. And the line they gave him, it was like they were pulling people out of the stands. McCown was drafted by Butch Davis in Cleveland who was fired after McCown's rookie year. Allen pulled off a nice trade, thanks to the input of Paul Hackett, and got him in here. Had a 100.6 rating in 3 starts in 2007. Showed every skill set you needed, at a high level, just needed more reps. Hackett and Gruden didn't get along, Hackett left and Gruden never gave McCown a chance, instead waffling back and forth between Garcia and Griese. Season lost, Gruden's Buc career over, Mccown screwed.

With Freeman, that was 2010, not 2012.  But people who were objective and can see, saw that all of Freeman's big numbers came against bad defenses.  That team was 9-1 against teams with a winning record.  The fact that he was never able to replicate that backs me up that Freeman only lasted 5 years because Dominik didn't want to admit he was wrong.  It was obvious after the 2011 to every objective person that Freeman was a bust.The game was different when Simms was here.  Had he been in the draft today, things might have been different because of all the rules changes.  He just wasn't a good QB for the era, plain and simple.  If he was, someone would have thought so and gave him a chance.McCown never had skill sets that indicate he's a starter in the NFL.

No, it was 2012. In the middle of the season he was amazing. Simms could not replicate his mechanics and subsequently his arm strength after his injury. McCown could sling it. 2008 would have been a big year for the franchise had he been the QB.

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