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My biggest concern with drafting a QB is with the 2 guys considered the top prospects.  Ofcourse no prospect is perfect, but these guys are a rare kind of gamble.  We aren’t talking about a guy with sloppy footwork or a guy with a slow release.  Its not like we are debating between small hand guy and heavy slow guy.  One of these guys has never played in a pro style offense and is the type of QB that historically has not been very successful in the NFL- especially recently.  The other has a history of off the field issues in an age where the NFL is cracking down on this stuff.The red flags on these guys are not things they can be coached out of them.  We can't alter our playcalling to overcome something subpar in bad weather.  These are things the coaches have no control over.  It is 100% possible that Winston gets a pocket full of cash and goes full retard after he is drafted.  He has shown a pattern of poor decision making.  Mariota could crumble in a more traditional offense.  He may have no internal clock or not be able to make reads looking between linemen's helmets instead of having a big cushion or moving out of the pocket like he is accustomed to.Last year the most popular QB on this board was probably Bridgewater.  The biggest knocks on him were being skinny, having small hands, and possibly being afraid of the spotlight due to a bad pro day.  He had shown the ability to read defenses, work under center, and was a good athlete.  He was what you expect from a normal good QB prospect.  Pretty much anything was possible with him.When it comes to Winston and Mariota I don't see the full spectrum of possibilites.  I see 2 boom or bust type of prospects.  I honestly feel both of them will either be excellent or awful- no in between.  To me this isn't a normal year for picking a QB.  These guys are like drafting a powerball ticket.  You'll either win big or get absolutely nothing.  If we had a more solid foundation I could see trying, but we are thin everywhere. 

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