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The bucs defense is the best in the NFC South by a good chunk. All we need is a QB who doesn't turn the ball over three times a game and we'd still be in the hunt. Mariota simply doesn't turn the ball over. That's what i want, stop fumbles, stupid INTs from McCown. Guy hasn't figured out how to hold the ball in the pocket yet after 15 years.

But would he still throw hardly any pics in a pro style offense where he doesnt have mutiple speedy guys wide up all over the place? I really dont know. Thats my problem when comparing. I can picture Winston playing for the Bucs. I cant picture Mariota playing for the Bucs because I dont know what he would look like. When I think of Mariota I can only think of the Oregon offense that he plays in because thats the only thing we have to go on. Thinking of that transferred over to the Bucs is impossible, so when I imagine Mariota as a Buc I can pretty much only visualize him in a Bucs uni and it stops there.

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