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Damn the luck of the JC All Stars!

You like the alternative? What is it now, 6-32 in the last 38 games not started by Freeman? Thought we were going to be so good when he wasn't around anymore.

I'm sure he should have no problem turning his career around with a stable organization like the Giants.

They weren't going to put in the time and effort to make sure a guy they didn't invest anything in was sober.

Sounds like Freeman failed himself.

If you leave out the part about the Bucs loading the roster with drug users.

I don't agree with JC 99% of the time in my eyes, but Freeman was as close as we got to a Franchise QB. Maybe if the circumstances were different around him he could have succeeded more. It's a shame he flamed out.

The truly great QBs are great because they have the will to succeed. If you don't have the will to succeed like Freeman you can't be great.

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