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I don’t care either way, to be honest. I have little hope that this team is in good hands with Lovie.Personally, I don't think it matters a lick whether we have the number 1 overall pick or the number 5 pick.....L&L won't be taking Mariota or Winston. They are going to try to find, like DJ said in the first post, the next Jimmy G, Bridge, Carr. They will draft the best DL or OL on the board with that top 5 pick and will grab their QB a little later.I would honestly rather see them trade back to 10 or so with Tennessee or STL and grab a rusher like Beasley. Then with the additional ammo, move up from your 2nd rounder to the end of the 1st and grab Perryman. Then the focus could turn to QB. I'm thinking Petty might be a target and I see him moving up his stock to a 2nd round grade. So you could do one more Lavonte David type move and move from the 3rd back into the 2nd and grab Petty.With that, you would have a promising young passer, and 2 very good defenders at need positions on defense.As far as the teams that will realistically go after Mariota or Winston, I only see 2 of them moving up to grab them. STL or Tennessee. Austin Davis has been decent, but Fisher needs a game changer and a franchise QB in that division. Him hanging around .500 isn't going to cut it much longer. STL will grab a QB in this draft. Wisenhunt will also try to grab a QB. Locker is what he is, and I doubt Mettenburger lights it up to convince them that they have something special. I would compare their situation to Carolina's after taking Jimmy Clausen in the 2nd round in '10. Tennessee might find themselves in love with one of the two and could choose to draft a guy with a much higher perceived ceiling. Buffalo needs a QB, but they have little ammo after the trade for Watkins last year. I highly highly highly doubt they make another move up.Tennessee has a good roster and they might possibly be looking for someone, but I would guess that O'Brian waits a year and sees what he can get out of Savage or Mallett next season. We will get a glimpse of what Mallett can do this Sunday.Jets need a QB and I think they will be able to grab one of the big 2, no problem.Everyone else will either stick with what they have, or will take a shot on a mid round QB.

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