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I feel like if we can win a few games down the stretch it will build momentum for next year and it is really important for a young team to learn how to win and believe in themselves.

I can not tell if this was posted in jest, or if you really believe this....but momentum does not carry over from one season to the next. It has been proven with example after example. It simply is not reality. If it were, then most Super Bowl Champions would repeat or at least come very close to repeating, but that is rarely the case. Players go home for the summer and when they come back there are new players and new coaches and new schemes and it is a new season. Nobody is thinking about the last season. Nobody cares.

I won't dispute what you are saying here but just wanted say that Super Bowl champs have a very hard time repeating nowadays because they are typically ransacked by free agency. That or the team must overpay to keep the stars and they lose depth due to salary cap restrictions.

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