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I know everyone is hot in the pants for Mariota but frankly, this franchise needs to start winning. If the defense continues to improve and the offense starts to finally put some points on the board, that's great. But with each loss, the fans (even the ones who profess they want to go 1-15) get more frustrated, the players lose a little more belief in what Lovie is coaching and the franchise continues it's spiral into suckitude.Now turn that around. Say the Bucs go 5-3 in the second half. The defense has come around and begun to finally look like the defense we thought we had at the beginning of the season. McCown or Glennon don't get us beat, Sims looks like Matt Forte, the o-line continues to jell and Mike Evans begins to look like Larry Fitzgerald. Sure, they finish 6-10 but there's optimisim going into next season and if Tampa Bay still wants Mariotta, they can trade some picks (or players) to move up to get him. Or allow Jameis to continue to self destruct...lowering his draft value and making him available when the Bucs come up to pick.Since starting the '11 season 4-2, Tampa Bay has gone 12-38. At some point, this franchise needs some W's. I'm not sure 1-15 would make me feel any closer to that even if it bags us the best QB on the board.

I love the process as much as the next guy but I also love how the Colts skipped right past all the bullshit you are talking about and only had one losing season of football in the process.  I realize not every franchise can go from Favre to Rodgers but for once, I would like us to give keen consideration to that side of the ball with the OC we hired to develop the offense and everything.  So while I agree with your points regarding improvement.  It's better for us some 7 mos from now if we dont improve and start next season with the idea that we will flat out beat the crap out of every team we play because we have a legit super star at QB and you dont!!

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