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I agree, but even with our 28th passer rating this year, we're putting up roughly 18 pts a game. Lovie probably believes that if his defense played better, 18 points would be enough to get him to the playoffs.

Now you are touching on the stuff that bothers the crap out of me about Lovie, never mind that he is ok with losing or running his OC off before he calls a game, but he is a minimalist on the offensive side of the ball just like Schiano and Co.  Run the ball, play good D, win a 17-10 type of game and move on.  Two things - we lose almost every week, second, our D is not improving despite Sundays game vs. The Browns.  Wait until you see a 2-6 team call off the dogs in the second half on Sunday.  It's going to be great.

Unfortunately, I said the moment Lovie was hired, he thinks he's Dungy V2.0, with GMC (Sapp-like), LVD(Brooks-like), Goldson (Lynch-like) and a complete shut down corner in Revis.I forgot we didn't have the Culpepper, Nickerson, type supporting casts to really get this defense going. But I knew the offense was going to suck under Lovie, and he didn't disappoint.

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