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As someone that would like to see Schiano replaced I don’t see how any rational person could deny there is an arguement to be made to keep him.  The first half of the season was eaten up by the Freeman saga and MRSA.  People always downplay the effect MRSA had on the team.  I imagine it was huge.  Think about how you would feel if the person next to you at work had head lice.  You would freak out.  You would have the itchies and scratchies something fierce.  Every person in your family would be made to check your head.  Your heart would skip a beat every time a gnat flew by.  Now imagine the guy next to you has a contagious bacterial infection that could derail your entire season and maybe even kill you.  Yeah, you'd be a little distracted.  Even factoring in those things we were in several of those games.The second half of the season we went 4-4.  One of those losses came when we took Seattle (the top seed in our conference) to overtime.  This is while having most of our skill players on IR and a rookie QB starting.I also don't think anyone can deny that Schiano has an eye for talent.  The 2 drafts under his watch have been excellent.  We have also done well in free agency.  Nobody is at fault for Nicks' foot falling off and if he was healthy our line would be much better.  Goldson was brought in to give our defense attitude and he did that.  He has also shown to be a good teammate.  He could have lashed back at Freeman and his camp, but he didn't.  He got a lot of heat (still does) for playing Revis in zone when Revis actually wasn't healthy enough to play in man much.  There were many times he could have thrown somebody under the bus to save his own skin, but he never did.  There is some class hidden in him.My reasoning for wanting him replaced is mainly to do with questionable playcalling (there are not words to describe how much I hate seeing a draw on 2 and 20) and his apparent stubbornness.  The long developing plays when our oline is playing like crap and being 3rd in the league in panalties are just icing on the cake.  I have said many times who I want in his place (Lovie Smith), but I can't deny there is an arguement to be made to keep him.  It is entirely possible that with a little more experience he might be an excellent coach.If he was willing to step down to DC I would do that in a heartbeat.

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