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Nope because he's mentally weak.This entire situation has nothing to do with bullying, it's all to do with him getting benched and not being able to handle that, instead he went running to Mommy & daddy who just happen to be lawyers in the hopes of getting easy money..It's funny that we heard nothing at all until his butt was put on the bench.I'd love for all the stuff that Incognitos side say Martin sent to him to be true and expose this clown.I don't get how you can tell somebody you are going to kill their family and also tranquilize them so you sexually assault them with "sandpaper condoms" THEN turn around and claim you were the one getting bullied.

You know what happens when we assume right?

Like everyone else isn't assuming Martins side is what actually happened and he was actually bullied just because he says he was rather than it just being OTT banter between team mates that has been used as an excuse to distract from his getting benched.

I don't care what everyone else is doing. You assumed. Do you know what happens when we assume?

If you don't care that everyone else is doing why attempt to call me out for doing the same exact thing.Maybe you should call everyone else out too if you have a problem with assumptions.

Can't be troubled to be held accountable for your actions? Jeebus it's a message board, not a marriage ;P

Accountable for for my actions?WTF are you babbling about, seriously, pull your head out your arse.I made a comment the same as everybody else in the thread, you don't like that, tough sh!t.

I feel like I'm talking to a teenager xD

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