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The decisions being made surrounding the team are perplexing to say the least. And people thought things could not get worse after witnessing the Morris regime in action. All I can tell you is that this team lacks a true identity and seems to be making decisions centered around quick fixes and securing ones own future beyond the 2014 season. Terrible model to be following. You can clearly see there is no plan and everything has been geared towards turning a team around instantly and when that failed its like there is no flexibility built within their original plan and they are grasping at straws for their own self preservation. I for one do not like what I have witnessed and am appalled of what has transpired with the team. I sink money, invest my time and use the hours spent reading, watching and cheering as a distraction to escape everyday life. I am only one fan, that for the most part tries never to get to up or to down on the team but this is just a piss poor showing and this is a cluster-fudge of epic portions.I can honestly say I am pissed off and mad about it. Hell I don't even have words to describe the ineptitude and the stench that embodies this damn team.

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