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Wait until McCown blows it again and Lovie puts Glennon back in, lol

Then wait until Glennon blows it and puts McCown back in? They are both turds! You really need to get to the doctor and  have them figure out why you're still riding the Glennon train.

I'm not a big Glennon guy but in a lost season there is zero reason to start the vet over the youngster. Thats just common sense. Play the young guy to either showcase him for trade or build him up for next year. Pulling the plug now torpedoes both objectives. Benching Glennon just erased whatever trade value he had AND ensured you can't possibly call him QB of the future.

You could also say pulling the plug on Glennon now protects him from tanking even worse and preserves his stock for trading. One could also say allowing Glennon to watch and learn from the bench helps him become the QB of the future. After all Glennon has NEVER been named the starter by choice only by default. That makes it easy to return him to his previous role without any issues.

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