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I'm 5'7 and played allot of CB in my day, including man CB. The key is speed and vertical. Sure those 6'4" WR could out jump me, but if I could keep pace I was in position to dislodge the ball. You can go up and get it...but let's see you come down with it......

Sherman is a prime example of why speed doesn't matter. He is not exactly Usain Bolt, and he is one of the top CB's in the NFL. Maybe even the best.  [sorry revis]

Speed does matter and it's why Sherman is so special  The fact that he can do what he does at his speed with stiffish hips makes him the exception and not the rule IMO.

+1 a 6' 3' 200lb guy (roughly) who runs a 4.5 (ish) in the 40, and runs in the 10s in the 100 meter and (I think) 10s even in the 110 hurdles IS FAST.  We're talking about only a .1 to .2 slower than the fastest guys in the NFL in the 40 and he is 6' 3" and LONG and SMART.  HIs FUNCTIONAL speed is very high, as you note. He plays faster than most

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