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A taller CB is better all other things held constant, but it's very hard to find a tall CB with a lot of short range burst and lateral agility. It's part of the reason that I think Banks will never be a consistent lock down corner. He doesn't have great times in short range drills, and doesn't have the vertical. strength, or range of someone like Sherman to make up for it. His best bet is to be a playmaker like he was in college and make a bunch of interceptions, but just try to limit as many big plays as possible.

Actually they were pretty similar on the measurable stuff. Banks short shuttle was actually slightly better than Sherman, and while Sherman's vert (38") was better than Banks (34.5"), Banks' arms are 2" longer than Sherman's. And here's the scouting report on Sherman:STRENGTHS Sherman possesses rare height for a corner with enough bulk and speed. Effective when lined up at the line in press man coverage. Uses length well and established sound initial positioning. Flashes the ability to turn and run. Flashes the ability to high-point the football. Willing to help out in run support.WEAKNESSES Can be baited out of position when in zone and a tick late to diagnose underneath routes. Tall, high-cut prospect who displays some hip-stiffness. Not explosive when transitioning or when changing direction. Lacks great recovery skills when beaten off the line. Can struggle tacking in the open field at times.I think the biggest differences (in terms of raw attributes) are that Sherman plays with crazy intensity/confidence, and that Sherman's stronger.

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