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All the DUI's the NFL players gets every year , yet they are prefectly fine with non-stop Beer commercials , LOL.

Beer commercials aren't controversial.And didn't they allow a Tim Tebow anti-abortion commercial a few years back?

Who made gun commercials controversial?No, Tim Tebow's mom was in a commercial that discussed the importance of family.Many years ago, they "allowed" pro-life commercials and their was one that was done by a current player at the time.

Never said they were.  I don't watch commercials anyways.  Just saying beer commercials aren't controversial.  They're generally accepted by the public.  Again, the NFL is a PRIVATE company.  Networks pay BILLIONS of dollars to show their product.  And the NFL realizes that plenty of anti-gun people would most likely take offense to the ad in question here.  So they've chosen not to allow it.Why?  Because successful companies realize they make the most money when they appeal to the broadest range of people.  Pretty simple stuff here.  A corporation making a business decision.  No 1st amendment issues.  No 2nd amendment issues.

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