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Well , at least we know why hitting is illegal now. The league is run by candy-ass liberals....

Actually, no.  Its again a business decision.When you have 3000+ former employees sue you, your lawyers are probably going to tell you to do things differently going forward.SMH... if fans don't want the NFL to have these soft rules (which I hate too BTW), then tell the former players to quit suing.

Well, he is right about the candy assed bit.

Yeah.  He's right.  The new rules totally suck.  But anyohe who can't see the reason why the NFL is doing it needs to open their eyes.If you owned a business and you were being sued by such a large number of people, you'd have to make changes to hedge your position in any future lawsuits.And that's exactly what these new rules do.  If any player tries to sue the NFL for concussion based things who played in these current times, they're going to have a difficult time considering all of the procedures and rules in place.

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