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I agree 100% with your take, but I think what has most people rolling their eyes is that once again the NFL is showing they don't have a pair. The core demographic for football is men yes? Men who want to see men be men and play with controlled violence? Just how long before the lustre begins to wane when it becomes apparent the game is being controlled by a bunch of candy assed p*ssies?From a business perspective the NFL needs to learn there is something to gain by demonstrating you actually have a set of core principles and are willing to stand up for them.

The NFL's popularity is widespread across gender, race and political views.  There's a group of hardcore fans but the majority of NFL fans are fairly casual.  And that's the group they're after.  They know the hardcores aren't going anywhere. And I don't see the luster waning anytime soon.  The new rules are horrible.  I curse the refs and the NFL every time there's a questionable helmet to helmet call.  Its horrible.  But am I going to quit watching the NFL?  Nope.  Not anytime soon.  Because there's nothing even close to being a replacement product.  Unfair, yes.  But that's the way it is for me at least.  If I was a huge corporation like the NFL, I'd be as neutral as possible so I'm marketable to the largest group of people.  That's why they have Military Appreciation month, Breast cancer awareness month, Hispanic Heritage month, etc. 

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