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"We believe the average, that the majority of the Super Bowl fans have the same values that we have at Daniel Defense," Daniel said on the Fox show. "That is, we believe in protecting our families, we believe in our 2nd Amendment, which is our right to protect ourselves. We believe in the 1st Amendment, which is really the issue here. We're trying to exercise our 1st Amendment rights to give our opinion on the 2nd Amendment and not being allowed to do so."

funny quote, carefully prepared . . . if you do not agree with the speaker you are against protecting families and against the Constitution . . . in two different ways.  The best part though is the way a business person characterizes the purpose behind the advertisement (marked in bold), as if it is a Public Service Announcement. lolNo matter what your view on the subject, no matter what your view on guns or the Constitution . . . .  .you should be offended   . . . .not at the subject (guns, the Constitution etc.) but rather, offended that the company representative thinks so little of your intelligence. Simply put, he/she thinks you are dumb. His/her company is not spending a fortune trying to advertise on the Super Bowl for the common good of all Americans (i.e., a Public Service Announcement). The company is trying to spend a fortune on Super Bowl advertising to sell its goods. Period. End of Story.

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