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Lovie said he may need new players. He did not say we may need new coaches. He did say we don't need a new system. So its the players. His players. Something is missing here. I very much want to hear what he is going to do about it and when. If it is new players from the streets or practice squads, I don't think he will get it done. We need a plan, we need some objectives. Saying that we played badly is not enough. We need to move away from the place were a team can blow us out at historic record every other week. I think the idea of firing your head coach every other year is how you get to be as bad as we are. So no, I don't want to fire Lovie, but I do want him to step ip with a plan that moves us forward. I have not seen or heard anything from him yet that suggests that plan is in place. Come on Lovie step up with something more than we need new players. Give us reason to hope.

Well said.

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