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It is coaching but after the last 3 or 4 years of watching this team I'm sold on the fact that Dom was thee worst talent drafter ever. It's the players. McCoy disappears when the heats on . Shianos team at least put 60 minutes of effort in. McCoy JacksonBarronGoldson DaQueen At this point anyone's vulnerable to go , this team needs an overhaul

Overhaul, WTH do you think we did? We already overhauled this thing. This team looks completely unprepared on BOTH sides of the ball. I'll give Arroyo a break b/c he has no right to be calling plays. The offense is now esentially lead by him, a 34 yr old college QB coach who's first NFL job makes him the lead man on offense. It's clear he's lost how to call plays, what kinds of plays to call and how to help out a poor offensive line.Defense is 100% on Lovie. I'm embarrassed by how our DB's are playing. They continue to not bump, nudge or even look at receivers off the LOS who run untouched down the seam game after game after game. I honestly think it was a joke with the Ravens to see how many quick slants they could complete. Just embarassing. After this defense taking huge leaps backwards, Lovie continues to say the scheme does not need tweaking. Nope, not at all Lovie, we just need 6-8 all pro players for it to work.

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