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Talent sucks but a good staff could get them to be competitive at least.  Lovie and company are a major fail.  If Jim Harbaugh or Belichick were our HC do you honestly think we would be 1-5 and be getting blown out?

No way we would be 1-5. Here is the thing, I dont think the talent is THAT bad. There are players here. Everytime I get fed we dont have any talent, somebody gets traded or goes somewhere else and plays at a high level. Although we dont have elite talent, we are in a better place than a lot of other teams. That said, it is an even bigger indictment on the coaching staff and this teams continued inability to develop players or provide consistency. Which is an indictment on management's ability to identify appropriate candidates for HC and GM. The stink of this organization starts all the way at the top. Since the glazer boys took over, we have been picking bad HC and GMs. It is time to identify a guy who can take over football operations.

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