Glennon is playing so well that it’s time to proclaim that Schiano definitely made the right call in benching Freeman and making the painful switch to a rookie quarterback four games into the season.

I disagree. You can proclaim that benching Freeman may have been the right call, but starting Glennon wasn't, imo. I am convinced that a big reason that this team does nothing in the 2nd half of games is because Glennon does nothing in the 2nd half of games. The coaches are getting blamed for going conservative in the 2nd half, but statistically, the Bucs actually throw the ball more in the 2nd half than they do in the 1st. The results are just incredibly different. In the 1st half of games, the Bucs pass to run ratio is 136:112. In the 2nd half, it's 163:98. 55% of the plays called in the first two quarters are pass plays, compared to 62% of them being pass plays in the 3rd and 4th quarter. We are not calling the game more conservatively, we are just not making plays in the passing game. Case in point, the Seattle game. We punted the ball on every one of our last five possessions, one of which came by way of an endzone INT from Tandy. We ran a total of 22 plays on those five drives. 9 of them were handoffs, and 13 were called pass plays. On those plays, Glennon ran the ball three times, was sacked twice, and went 6-8 for 31 yards on the passes that he did get off. He averaged 3.9 yards per attempt. His longest completion was for 8 yards. He didn't complete a single pass for a 1st down. The kicker is, this is not an atypical 2nd half performance for Glennon. He's looked like this more times than he hasn't. You can say that Freeman looked awful, and/or the relationship between he and Schiano had deteriorated to the point of no return and he had to go. Both of those are accurate statements. But I have to question the logic that suggests that switching to a rookie, especially this rookie, was the right move. I have to believe that even Dan Orlovsky could get more done in the 2nd half than Glennon has thus far.

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