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I don't know what went on behind the scenes and who was involved in what decisions but from the outside looking in (which is the best I can do) it seems like "the Glazers" in the past who hired Dungy/Gruden are not the same "the Glazers" as we have running the team now. I think we make a mistake if we look at Dungy/Gruden/SB/training facility and give credit to "non-Malcolm" Glazers because (despite what I've heard people, including Malcolm, say) it seems to me when his involvement diminished so did the smarts of "the Glazers."

Don't forget Dungy and Gruden weren't their first choices. In 1996 they first tried to hire Bill Parcells and got played and then they tried to hire Steve Spurrier before "settling" on Dungy. In 2002 they got played by Parcells again and came really close to trading draft picks for Steve Mariucci before getting Gruden. The Glazers have been really close to screwing up every major move they've made.