I think everyone needs to stop writing half time adjustments on this game. This team was up 21-7 at half time. You make very little adjustments when your gameplan is working perfectly. Fourth quarter adjustments? Now that is a different story. The Seahawks made great half time adjustments, the Bucs staff didn't counter those particularly well're Greg Schiano

Agreed Muscle Hamster.I don't agree with this notion.These NFL games are dynamic. With the amount of information being provided to the players/coaching staffs, one has to alter their gameplan, especially during halftime. Be it things as simple as changing formations/running different plays out of those formations/personnel groupings etc. Even up 21-7 at half-time Mike Sullivan/Greg Schiano need to be altering/changing up their play calling and other things referenced earlier in this post, ie make halftime adjustments.All of this information makes it too easy for the other team to go into half-time, adjust and beat you or stop whatever it is you are doing. This issue is pretty much what is wrong with this organization in a microcosom. Mark Dominik has failed to constantly adjust/replenish various positions leading to depth issues/inadequacy issues at certain positions, continuing his reactionary trends.The Glazers fail to identify evolve with the NFL in the types of HC/GMs they select. The majority of the NFL has moved away from a run heavy system....what do the Glazers do? Go find a run heavy HC. GMs around the NFL are starting their own version of profootball money ball, while we dump millions of dollars into a CB coming off major knee surgery/a 400 lb man with a toe problem/a saftey with a knack for drawing personal fouls/a WR with a severe case of the drops/not to mention the countless other foolish moves. They tend to be trend followers, which is a flawed thought process. The Glazers saw success of young NFL HCs and decided to promote Raheem from within...big failThe Glazers saw the success of Jim Harbaugh/Pete Carroll and decided to hire a college coach...failSerious concerns for this coaching staff/organization.

Great post.  The Dungy hire was against the grain and revolutionary.  It was at the time.  They haven't really made a hire like that since.  They've been two steps behind for a long time.

Agreed. I saw/heard someone else say this somewhere.. "Dungy. Gruden. Morris. Schiano. -A downward trend."Maybe a consultant is in order.

I would say it went from Dungy--up to Gruden--down to Morris--WAY down to Schiano.

Right the big drop was from morris to schiano not gruden to morris .....  come on man

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