If I take a step back from this team, from my perspective as diehard, I see a team that really isn’t super talented. We have many late round picks and UDFAs getting a lot of snaps. Schiano losing the locker room or not means little to me. No coach should survive losing 13 of 14. And these players probably won’t make it through a regime change.And that's what this franchise needs: a total regime change from the top down. We tried to rebuild almost on the fly hiring in-house "talent" to take over. What do we have to show for it? An '09 draft with no players remaining. A '10 draft that we were told was one of the most important in franchise history and we bust on 2 2nds and a 3rd. You and I could have picked McCoy at 3. In '11 we took two DEs that aren't great pass rushers, a MLB who's disappeared and nothing else on the current roster. We're all sure '12 was a great draft. We spent a top 10 pick at safety and traded into the 1st for a RB. We've spent premium assets on non-premium positons. We're paying $16mil on two guards, $9mil on a S who is awfully similar to what we drafted with a top 10 pick, and we've given 2nd receiver $8mil a year (and when he goes down we have the UDFA wr roundtable). had a quote from another NFL exec something to the effect of why would they brag about how many UDFAs they have. Since then we have had a 3-13 season, 7-9, and 0-8 on going.Dominik has to go, Schiano has to go, and the rest of this season will be used to determine which players have to go.

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