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I get why people like him. His calm and unflappable demeanor is impressive. Especially for a rookie. However, when you look at what he is actually doing, his entire body of work…it’s just not impressive. He continues to be a dink and dunk guy that is useless in a two minute drill. Even when we are down by a score and there is 30 seconds to go....he'll throw a 5 yard dump off. He's not a choke artist, be he is the opposite of clutch. There is no killer instinct that kicks in late in games when you need more. He just continues to be the dinker and dunker with no deep ball accuracy. People wanna say that he did so good verse a great defense today, but the truth is Seattle's defense was god awful for most the game. Not only did Glennon look goo, but Mike James looked like Adrian Peterson and our entire O-line looked like they were All Pro. Besides, the dud only threw for 168 yards today. That is not great, but you would think he had 400 yards by the way people talk. When their defense did finally step up and start playing well in the second half and in OT, Glennon was 7 of 12 for 44 yards. No TDs and was sacked twice on 3rd down for a loss of 14 yards. That is horrible and that is the norm. Look at the second half of all of his games. It's ugly. The last drive of each game is especially ugly. When the going gets tough, Glennon throws a 3 yard pass. Dude is a solid back up. That's it. I wish people would stop with the nonsense of him being our starter moving forward. I realize Buc fans are emotional scared from years of disappointment, but have some fucking standards! We can do better than Mike Glennon!