Re: Re: It’s time to protect Glennon


    The reason team's play conservative is they cannot afford to give opponents free points off turnovers when they already have a porous D which will give up their own points. By limiting TOs, they at least have a chance to win. Add to that we have a youthfull WR corp, which certainly hampers Glennon...

The reason that we can't risk turnovers isn't because of the defense, IMO. It's because of the offense. We are +2 in the turnover department, so it's not as though the defense isn't creating turnovers. Heck, we were +3 on turnovers today. Our offense is just completely incapable of scoring quickly, thus, is completely incapable of coming from behind. Our offensive philosophy is a catch-22. We don't turn the ball over, but we also don't have many big plays or score that often because we are too afraid of turning the ball over.

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