Re: Re: It’s time to protect Glennon


The guy can make plays if you let him.

That's not a certainty. I have no doubt that the game plan is conservative, but I am also not so sure that Glennon isn't just a check down machine that is adverse to taking risks with the football. Glennon had a very low YPA at NC State last season. Lower than almost all of the QB's drafted this year. For a QB who allegedly has a big arm, he dinked and dunked a lot, even in college.I agree that having Schiano in this kid's ear hampers our ability to know who he really is. But I don't know if, as you suggest, it hampers his ability to make plays. It simply hampers our ability to know if it does or not. We don't know if it's Schiano, Glennon, or a combination of both.

That's kind of the whole point.  We aren't going to get a read on the guy with Schiano telling him to play it ultra safe, and we know he is.I disagree though, it is clear Glennon can make plays.  The question is can he do it enough, without having to pay too high a price in mistakes.  We are never going to get an idea of the answer to that is we tell him not to take those chances.  He needs to open it up more.

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