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I'm sorry but having a projected SAFETY grade lower because he cannot shed blocks is one the dumbest (censored) I ever heard in my life. Ramsey is a free safety in the NFL. You spent 3 paragraphs talking about the same issue with him. You mean a 6'2 205 pound safety is having trouble disengaging from blockers?!?! Wow, huge surprise! Sounds like 90% of the FS's in the NFL. The kid can cover and is an excellent athlete in space and will be a special centerfielder in the league barring injury.Earl Thomas is not a run enforcer and I'd take him top 10 all day every day. There's simply not enough good coverage safeties in the NFL to nitpick at things like "shedding blocks". If your FS has to shed a block then by design you failed yourself as a defensive coordinator.

Yeah I wasn't grading his "projected position". I was grading the actual film that I watched where he was a nickel corner. And it is precisely why I projected him as a safety in the write up. Stay with me here Det and try not to get your garnet and gold panties in such a bunch.We are all vary familiar with the position because Ronde Barber played it very well for years in Tampa Bay. Ronde Barber was very comfortable in traffic and he was nearly unblockable which is the big difference between these two players if you were to compare them. Ronde Barber avoided blocks. He was a genius in traffic. This is not Ramsey's strong suit. I would like to see more film of him at safety so I can grade him playing safety. He was only playing safety for a handful of plays in those games. But you can't discount the fact that he has this problem shedding blocks. The NFL is a physical game and I prefer players that are physically dominating at the college level. Jalen Ramsey is not. He is a very good player but he may be a tad bit overrated.

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