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Maybe it's the reality that all these guys are better than what we had which is depressing enough  but they're not game changers, none of them are that level. We sure will be far more competent but how much will that matter. If building through the draft is how we're building this team we don't even know who that's going to be yet and talented as these guys are, they're really just NFL guys. We're getting excited for a McCown. That saddens me.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this type of sentiment is directly related to most every fans expectation that their team must be filled with superstars at every position.Its an unrealistic view of individual players..  Its not reasonable nor possib!e. I will say a group of men committed and lead to a common goal are 'game changers'.  Win as team as the old saying goes...  Not one of these guys can do it alone.

I'm not personally espousing the star at every position view by any means. It's one thing I have spoken out against here. It's about team building and where we are in that cycle. We aren't in the part of the cycle where we can add a few game changers and turn the corner. We're at the stage where we need to replace so much we can't even afford our own game changers  much less bring any new ones in. The sad thing is that I agree with what we're doing but last offseason was so optimistic because we thought we were on the verge and we brought in a playmaker. Now, we just don't suck as badly as we did and we really don't know if this team is going to be the nucleus thats going to work. It's just these guys gambles.It feels like I'm rooting for a bunch of mercenaries right now. Hopefully many of these guys work and I'll start thinking about them as Bucs but right now, there's precious few Bucs on the team old or new to fit that category. Just makes me sad.

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