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You have your opinion and I have mine. We'll see in May.

If Bridgewater sits atop our draft board and he's there at 7, do you honestly think we'd pass on him?

I don't know how anyone rationalizes that. No team in the league is trading a 1st round pick for Glennon at this point.

Bridgewater doesn't sit atop out draft board.  Even with the new regime you have to assign value to last years draft, this is not a new franchise and this is not Monopoly money.  With Glennon and McCown on our roster already more value is associated with other positions, it's really not that difficult to understand.  There are 30 other players that are substantially more valuable than any QB at the #7 spot, take your pick.

This regime didn't pick Glennon.....and he may be of no value to them at all, especially with Tedford running the O.

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