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At nbr 2 Bridgewater is BPA.    Thats the ticket I hope this regime will punch.Everything is supposition.  A guess. A situational roll of the dice.Anyone who states they know what is happening before it actually happens is making themselves look like an idiot.    Even Licht doesn't know, cause we aren't there yet. 

I'm not saying I know what is going to happen.  I'm saying I know the moves a sane, rational, looking to become better franchise, GM would make.  You know that house you drive by on the way to work or whatever that is a complete sh*tbox, lean to, grass is all crappy,needs a coat of paint, needs a ton of repair, yet they own a 2014 Landrover? That's the kind of thinking that would go into selecting a QB with the 7th pick for the Bucs.

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