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I'm not saying I know what is going to happen.  I'm saying I know the moves a sane, rational, looking to become better franchise, GM would make.  You know that house you drive by on the way to work or whatever that is a complete sh*tbox, lean to, grass is all crappy,needs a coat of paint, needs a ton of repair, yet they own a 2014 Landrover? That's the kind of thinking that would go into selecting a QB with the 7th pick for the Bucs.

That was a terrible analogy. Every winning team has a stud at triggerman. We are a franchise that's been searching for one since.....well, forever. If Lovie feels his guy is there at 7, he'll be wearing Red & Pewter and this fan supports that whole-heartedly.

It's actually the perfect one.  If a franchise is interested in winning they dont try to find a new QB every year by giving up on one with lots of promise.  It's truly an insane exercise.

"Promise" is what you see as you watch Glennon play?

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