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Actually, Licht said that McCown would be a great mentor for Glennon. So all of us can guess on whichever bias we have. But no one at One Buc has publicly said that Glennon is or isn't the future or that they've written it off. What they have said from the start is that they wanted a vet QB to get their regime started.

True. But if you are going on the old actions speak louder than words thoery you have their actions.Dominik drafted Glennon......fired.Schiano gushed over Glennon..........fired.Enter Licht. His very first signing as Buccaneers GM was Mike Kafka.Licht signs Josh McCown in the first few days of free agency. Lovie Smith names Josh McCown starter over the incumbent Glennon. If you ask me Glennon is just keeping the seat warm for whoever Licht signs next. I cannot find anything based on these actions to indicate that they really like Glennon and he is who they are banking their own future on.

If the Bucs don't draft a QB, then Kafka must be the QB of the future based on what you have written above because there is no way it can be Glennon. Right?

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