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I won't be upset at all if the Bucs win another game.  It'll prevent them from making a foolish decision.

sounds like the Bucs aren't the only foolish ones

Possibly, but since I have a better track record over the last 6 years than the Bucs, I'll put my word ahead of theirs for the time being.

Care to elaborate?

Virtually everything Dominik did, I said was a bad move... and I was right almost every time.  The hiring of Morris wasn't his call, but I said that was a bad decision from Day 1.After that...Drafting Freeman.  Not trading up to get Dez, but instead drafting Price and Benn.  Don't give me this hindsight bull crap, remember someone with the screen name "President of the Dez Bryant Fan Club"?  Yeah, that was me.  Early on (like February and March), I was on record as saying the Bucs should take Dez at #3.  As the draft got closer and Dez's stock was falling (for such stupid reasons), other board members did convince me that Suh or McCoy were better options.  That said, I did say the who time that if Dez drops past 15, the Bucs should do everything they could to get back into the first round to take him.I said the entire 2011 draft was awful.  Foster isn't too bad, so I got one wrong there.Every free agent signing Dominik made, I thought was a bad one.  Many board members gave me crap for that too.  "Oh, you just want this team to suck" was the popular response I got.  "Oh, you're just so negative" and garbage like that, I've been hearing for years.  Being realistic and being negative are 2 different things.The hiring of Schiano?  I caught flack from tons of people on why he was what the Bucs needed and bull like that.  I was the biggest opponent of his hiring because of his below average success in college.I thought the 2012 was pretty darn good.  I was wrong on that one as David is the only one that's good from that class.I went on for months about how terrible the Revis trade was.  How bad I thought the 2013 draft was.As of right now, I'm right on Lovie Smith being a bad hire as well.  I did think the 2014 draft was really good.  We'll have to see how those play out.

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