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Everyone is hoping for a dude who you have no idea how he'll perform in the NFL.Mariota has weaknesses. He doesn't read defenses in the college system he's played his whole life. If he can't learn how to read defenses in the NFL...he'll bust. Winston has proven to be better at this than Mariota. But Winston has serious off the field problems. So neither one is a sure thing...There is no Andrew Luck in this draft. I wouldn't tank a season for either of these guys. The QBs in this draft are no different than any other typical draft.

I think everyone is aware of that. So you draft one of them and hope for the best.  What other alternative do you have in search of a franchise QB?  Tell the Commish at the podium, we are going to pass on our 1st round pick?  Because we don't want to strike out.

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